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Latest updates:

Password Manager Lite v1.0.17 (26-02-2023)

Game Cleaner v3.0.21 (07-02-2023)

Game Cleaner v3.0.20 (14-01-2023)

Game Cleaner

Clean-up your gaming pc for free !

Most important features: 

  • Remove unnecessary files and freeup diskspace.
  • For Steam, EPIC Games, Ubisoft Connect, GOG Galaxy and Origin.
  • Can remove log files generated by individual games.
  • Can remove used redistributable packages.
  • Manage screenshots you made with Steam.
  • Option to review the found data before deleting them.
  • Option to scan for empty folders.
  • Checks for new update automatically. (Github)

Password Manager Lite

Keep your login data safe.

Most important features: 

  • Save your login details encrypted offline.
  • Add unlimited amount of data.
  • Encrypt using strong AES encryption.
  • Automatically close itself in 10 minutes.
  • Easy and understandable interface.
  • Can be used on usb-stick.
  • Checks for new update automatically. (Github)


Easy unlock godmode in MS Windows !

Most important features: 

  • Just one slider button to activate godmode.
  • All common Windows features and settings in one window.
  • It creates a shortcut on the desktop.


Savely destroy your files !

Most important features: 

  • Several options to destroy your files.
  • You can add files using mouse drag-drop.
  • Files can't be found by common file recovery software.

I'm Michel Peusens, I design and develop software that I publish for free on this website.

I try to work out small projects that can help you with your daily activities.

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